Bats in Johnston’s Coppice

Thirteen residents joined Nik Knight of Hampshire Bat Group for a bat walk in Johnston’s Coppice on Monday 14th August.  Nik handed out bat detectors and we made our way to the pond where the activity at dusk was mostly common pipistrelle with a pass of a possible serotine.

When we were on the footpath south of Tamarisk Gardens/ Woodsedge, things were more interesting, with a very good recording of a long-eared bat, most likely brown long-eared and a Myotis species bat, probably Natterer’s.  Common pipistrelle was also present.  As we returned to Purbrook Way, a serotine and common pipistrelle were recorded, so there were definitely four species, which is fewer than identified during a survey there two years ago.

It should be noted that bats are protected and a licence is required to handle bats.

Common Pipistrelle


Brown Long-Eared Bat

Natterer’s Bat

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