Hedge Planting in Purbrook

In December PAWARA Environment Group planted hedging on the corner of Purbrook Gardens.  The site had been neglected and overgrown for several years and had started to be used for dumping.  Two work parties in the spring and summer dug out brambles and some not so small horse chestnut saplings, cut back sycamore branches to allow more light onto the ground and removed bricks and other rubbish.  A further session in November cleared the ground in preparation for hedges to be planted next to the road, opposite Purbrook House, and in front of the wall next to The Co-op (formerly The Leopard public house).  

Spreading woodchips around the newly-planted whips.








The aim is to turn the site into a wildlife garden and create dense hedges with nesting potential and protection from cats, squirrels, magpies, etc, nectar, fruit and visual amenity, so the hedge will have to work hard. 

100 whips were planted, a mixture of hawthorn, blackthorn, dogwood and beech in three rows with the intention of adding other species when available.  The majority of the whips were supplied by OVO Energy through The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) with half a dozen beech saplings from my garden.  The wood chips came from a local tree surgeon.  There are no rabbits or deer, so no need for protective tubes.  We cleared (and cleaned) the planting areas thoroughly, so there should be no need for markers either.

We will sow wild flower seeds (from Growing Wild) and thicken up the hedging on the other two sides in March.  And all without spending a penny!

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