Woodsedge Pond

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The Woodsedge Waders had monthly work parties to look after the pond and surrounding area until the group was disbanded due to a lack of volunteers at the end of 2011 when the PAWARA Environment Group took over. 

Our first session in February 2012 was well attended and we cut back branches and cleared the stream to improve the flow into the pond.  During our next visit (January 2013) we again cleared the stream above and below the pond, raked some of the pondweed off and removed Christmas trees and other debris.  In October 2013 we cut out brambles to open up the view from the bench, cleared the main path and removed some larger items from the pond. 

 Woodsedge 1 080414

Our plan for 2014 is to cut back the remaining brambles from in front of the pond, skim some of the weed off, remove cans and bottles from the pond and cut some of the lower branches from the lower section of the pond to reduce leaf litter.  If we have sufficient volunteers we will remove sticks from the stream following the winter storms and school holidays.  We have not, so far, had an opportunity to dip the pond to see what is in there.  If you live near the pond and would like to get involved, please use the Contact Us form or join us on a task day (see events).

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